A variety of immunizations are available without an appointment.

Our pharmacists are trained and knowledgeable on a variety of immunizations, such as, Shingles, Pneumonia, and Tetanus. We can screen, educate, administer, document and share the results with your primary physician. We are also able to bill most insurances for immunizations.

Walk-ins available for all immunizations.


Stedman offers the following vaccines:

  • Shingles (Zostavax and Shingrex)
  • Pneumonia (Prevnar 13 and Pneumovax 23)
  • Tetanus, Tetanus-diphtheria-acellular Pertussis vaccine (Td/Tdap)

If you have a need for other vaccines, please contact us.

Other vaccines may be available upon request. For more detailed information on the above vaccines please visit: